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the great maiden's blush 


The Great Maiden’s Blush  explores the unlikely friendship between two first-time single mothers, one a girl racer, the other a failed classical pianist and gardener, who share a room in a post-natal ward after the birth of their babies. As they face the challenges of new motherhood, they must also face the secrets around the paternity of their infants. Babies and absent fathers, opera and drag-racing, gardening and Schubert are all swept into the drama. The Great Maiden's Blush is a proudly female-centred story exploring territory rich in drama and emotion which has, until now, been completely neglected as powerful screen material.  




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 two women, two babies, two worlds


TORCHLIGHT FILMS is a New Zealand production company founded by Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader making independent features, sustainably and economically. We tell contemporary, character-driven stories sourced from our communities that explore the human condition and have the power to move and touch us. 


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if you missed it during its theatrical release, it is now available on dvd, as well  as streaming & download 



Something like ten thousand New Zealanders, mainly women, have items of Swiss goldsmith Kobi Bosshard's jewellery. An ode to the unhurried life, this warm and humorous portrait of Swiss goldsmith Kobi Bosshard, widely regarded as the grandfather of contemporary New Zealand jewellery, explores his philosophy on life and work, on growing up and growing old, as captured by his daughter, filmmaker Andrea Bosshard. Screening in the 2017 NZ International Film Festival.

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