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hook, line & sinker

new zealand

Hook, Line & Sinker is the latest feature from Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader, the writing/directing partnership behind the critically acclaimed micro-budget feature Taking the Waewae Express. Developed using the improvisational methods of British director Mike Leigh (Secrets and Lies), it boasts a terrific ensemble cast of actors - among them Geraldine Brophy (Second Hand Wedding), Carmel McGlone (Chapman Tripp Best Actress winner), Rangimoana Taylor (Waewae Express), Matthew Chamberlain (In My Father's Den) and with a guest appearance by Dame Kate Harcourt. Shot on the Wellington south coast, it had a 14 week New Zealand-wide theatrical release in 2011 in fifty cinemas.



the story

PJ (Rangimoana Taylor) is a truckdriver with a workingman's pride in his
job. His partner Ronnie (Carmel McGlone), her two kids bordering on 
adulthood, singing at the local pub and fishing with his best mate Jono 
(KC Kelly), form the backbone of his modest existence. But when he 
fails a mandatory eye test and loses his driving licence, PJ's life unravels. 
In the face of his imminent future as a blind man, the ever pragmatic 
Ronnie upscales her wedding dress business with the help of her 
ambitious older sister Bernadette (Geraldine Brophy) to become the 
breadwinner of the family. But PJ, refusing to accept the loss of his sight 
and unable to cope with the rapidly altering family dynamics, takes 
everyone on  a tumultuous emotional journey to the very edge until, with
Ronnie's help, he is willing to accept a new place for himself in the world. 

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laughter, tears & a celebration of family, community & old songs well sung

Andrew Horton, author  
Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay

so completely & utterly & gloriously Kiwi

Anna Rowe-Dean, Invercargill Film Society

it's the kind of filmmaking we could do with much more of

Peter Calder, Auckland Herald

highly engaging performances, Hook, Line & Sinker exudes a generous and very real warmth

Helene Wong, New Zealand Listener

some filmmakers retain a touching faith in the appeal of real life... it's also that rare thing, a NZ film developed from the inside out and not derailed by well-meaning outside interference... well worth seeing - well acted, economically written and smartly produced.

Simon Morris, Arts on Sunday, Radio NZ

Hook, Line & Sinker is a gem. The situation of a truckdriver losing his job because of eye troubles is real and moving. His family are a delight — funny, believable, down-to-earth. A true kiwi movie made on a shoestring, but who would believe it? Go and enjoy!

Jenny Pattrick, author The Denniston Rose

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