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taking the waewae express

new zealand

BEST FEATURE Wairoa Film Festival 2009
Official Selection Method Fest 2009 LOS ANGELES
Official Selection Auburn International Film Festival for Children & Young Adults 2009



THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED first feature of New Zealand filmmakers Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader, Taking the Waewae Express  is an ensemble, character-based piece, developed using the improvisational processes of British director Mike Leigh. Contemporary, cosmopolitan and multi-lingual, the story addresses: youth’s love affair with cars;  accidental death; family expectations and generational conflict. 


"I've driven drunk before, I've driven stoned, too fast, spun out heaps of times."
"Yeah, but you never killed anyone."

When Wiremu's younger brother dies in a car accident, blame and bitterness take their toll, and love and loyalty are tested within his circle of friends and family. Nevertheless life goes on. It is still possible to fall in love, to laugh again, to play soccer and to sing. But it takes courage to move on and unless you take the first step, you can’t take the next.

Cast: Matariki Whatarau, Rangimoana Taylor, Evan Hussey, Isaac Heron, Tamati Pere,

Jess Aalton, Susanne Svanberg, Chong Sin Lim, Jacob Renwick-Faauga
Directed by: Andrea Bosshard &Shane Loader
Screenplay: Andrea Bosshard
Cinematography: Deane Cronin
Editor: Shane Loader
Music: Janet Roddick, David Donaldson, Steve Roche


the story

Taking the Waewae Express is that rare independent film blending tears and laughter, the young and the aging, and crossing cultural boundaries joyfully

Andrew Horton, author  
Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay


a small digital gem that sparkles with a big emotional impact... [and] does it with restraint and truth as well as a disarming sweetness



a smart script that eschews both cheap dramatics and easy emotional payoffs — packs an authentic emotional punch

Helene Wong, New Zealand Listener

Peter Calder, Auckland Herald


proof of the often-voiced hope that technology will wrest filmmaking from the Hollywood formula mills and put the art back into the hands of inspired independent filmmakers

Mervyn Dykes, Manawatu Standard

brave, funny, terrifically honest and unaffected, big-hearted and smart enough to transcend its non-existent budget

Graeme Tuckett, Dominion Post

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